Venice Travel Videos

A wedding couple in Venice

by Durant Imboden

While browsing on Facebook, I ran across a YouTube link to a wedding video titled The Italian Job // Love in Venice. The video, which is mostly set in Venice with a side trip to Milan, features a Malaysian bride and groom who were in Italy for their wedding photos and (possibly) a destination wedding.

The nearly eight-minute production by GregsVideo begins with a train scene that obviously was inspired by the meeting between Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in a silly but visually appealing thriller, The Tourist, that was released in 2010.

Below is the Venetian-themed video, which you'll probably enjoy if you like Venice, trains, photogenic young couples, and/or weddings.


An interview with Arrigo Cipriani of Harry's Bar

Maggie the Bearded Collie at Harry's Bar in Venice

ABOVE: Maggie of Maggieinvenice.com guards the doorway of Harry's Bar in Venice.

We have mixed feelings about Harry's Bar (can anyone really justify spending nearly 17 euros for a Bellini?), but there's no denying that the saloon/restaurant has a colorful history and was an institution among the moneyed set before it became a popular tourist attraction.

Recently, Wendy Furtado of Nowness.com called our attention to a video interview with Arrigo Cipriani, the proprietor of Harry's Bar, from the luxury lifestyle site's "Five Days of Food" series. (Nowness is an editorially-independent Web site owned by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the international group of luxury brands.) You can watch the video below:

Immortal Venice: Harry’s Bar on Nowness.com.


A German school choir in Venice

Regensburg school choir in Venice

ABOVE: A girls' choir from Regensburg, Germany.

Cheryl was walking near Venice's San Giacomo di Rialto Church a few weeks ago when she came across a group of girls in floral dresses who were getting ready for a street concert (or perhaps we should say an "arcade concert," since the girls had gathered under the arches around the square). 

Cheryl asked about the choir's provenance and was told only that it was a school choir from Regensburg, Germany.

We've put together a short video with highlights of the choir's performance, including a shot of a dog who accompanied the group. (The dog was one of three Chihuahuas in baskets who guarded the girls' backpacks, handbags, and other possessions during the show.)