New shop: VizioVirtù...e altro


VizioVirtu chocolate shop in Venice

ABOVE: The display window of the VizioVirtù chocolate shop, which was closed during the opening festivities at "VizioVirtù...e altro."

VizioVirtù is a popular high-end cioccolateria on the Calle Campaniel in Venice's sestiere of San Polo. (See its Web site.) Today, the proprietors opened a second shop nearby called "VizioVirtù...e altro." The new store is located on the Campiello San Tomà, a small square just off the Campo San Tomà. It specializes in food products such as jams, French macarons, and other upscale goodies.

"VizioVirtù...e altro" was launched with a grand-opening party on the eve of Venice's Carnival. Here's a short video that offers glimpses of the new shop, invited guests, and members of the public who showed up (some with their dogs):


2015 Update: VizioVirtù has closed. The storefront is now occupied by a branch of Il Doge, an excellent gelato shop whose main store (which we've been visiting for years) is on the Campo Santa Margherita. Be sure to try the limone in hot weather--it's one of our favorite summertime gelato flavors, along with mela verde or green apple.

Libreria Mondadori bookstore bids farewell

Libreria Mondadori Venice

ABOVE: A sign on a column outside the papered-over display windows of the defunct Libreria Mondadori in San Marco.

On January 6, 2011. the Libreria Mondadori--Venice's largest bookstore--ended a going-out-of-business sale, served a farewell aperitif to staff and customers, and closed its doors for the last time.

The three-story shop, which had opened in 2004, was a welcome presence in a neighborhood of overpriced designer stores. It also was convenient for tourists, thanks to a large selection of Venice books in several languages and a location on one of the San Marco district's busiest thoroughfares. Although Venice does have other bookstores that are useful to international visitors--such as Libreria Studium, Libreria Marco Polo, and Libreria Acqua Alta--the Mondadori bookstore filled an important niche. We're sorry to see it gone.

VENICE: The Grand Canal

VENICE: The Grand Canal
ABOVE: The box that contains Daniele Resini's VENICE. The Grand Canal.

Travel books make great souvenirs or gifts, and some books are especially suited to both roles. A case in point is VENICE. The Grand Canal by Daniele Resini, which is published by Vianello Libri.

The book consists of a two-sided photo "ribbon" measuring 30 x 12 cm (about 12 x 5 inches) closed and 1320 x 12 cm (520 x 6 inches) when open and stretched out. The folded ribbon is enclosed between hard covers, and each side  is a continuous panoramic photo of the right or left bank of the Grand Canal.

The lefthand side of the photo runs from the Dogana di Mare to Piazzale Roma; the right side goes from Santa Lucia Railroad Station to San Marco. Captions identify palazzi, hotels, bridges, and other landmarks along the canal.

The book has a list price of €29.90, and you'll find it at a number of booksellers in Venice. If you prefer to order it from home, try Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. An Italian-language edition is available from iBS Italia. 

For more information, see the Vianello Photo Books page for VENICE. The Grand Canal.

Below are two images from the book, including the cover for the righthand side of the Grand Canal and an interior spread (which represents two panels of the 1320-cm "ribbon" photo):

Book cover - VENICE: The Grand Canal
Gatefold from Daniele Resini's VENICE: The Grand Canal