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Venice Hotel Directions (expanded for 2017)


ABOVE: A sample walking map from our Venice Hotel Directions at

For some time now, we've been offering step-by-step walking directions to hotels in Venice's historic center at our main Web site, Venice for Visitors.

We've just finished improving and expanding our collection, which now totals more than 170 hand-edited walking maps.

Each hotel has its own page with directions from the most convenient arrival point.

We also provide hotel photos, brief hotel descriptions, and links to the hotels' pages at

For even more convenience, our index pages now show you:

  • Alphabetical hotel listings
  • Hotels near Alilaguna airport-boat piers (organized by boat lines and stops)
  • Hotels near taxis and airport buses
  • Hotels near Venice's Santa Lucia railroad station
  • Hotels near the Marittima and San Basilio cruise piers

Whether you're looking for a hotel or wondering how to reach a hotel that you've already booked, head over to Venice for Visitors and see:


MAP CREDIT: Walking map by Anders Imboden, using basemap data from the Comune di Venezia and Regione Veneto under license IODL-2.0.

New and improved: Venice Hotel Directions

We've just finished a major overhaul of our Venice Hotel Directions at Venice for Visitors, which provide step-by-step walking directions and location maps for more than 130 hotels, inns, and B&Bs in Venice's historic center.

The biggest change is in maps on individual hotel pages:

In the past, our custom mapping service limited us to 100 maps, which meant that (1) we couldn't use dedicated hotel markers, and (2) we couldn't tweak the neighborhood maps for each hotel.

We recently upgraded to a more expensive map plan, which has allowed us to create 130+ new maps, with each being optimized for a specific hotel. We're now able to identify the featured hotel on each map with a dedicated green marker: Map-marker-green


In the reduced-size screen shots below, you can see the differences between an old map and a new map, featuring the three-star Hotel Paganelli on Venice's waterfront east of the Doge's Palace and the Piazza San Marco:

Old map:

Old map

New map:

New map

We think this is a big improvement, and we hope you'll agree. If you're looking for a hotel near major arrival and departure points in Venice, or if you've already picked a hotel and you need better directions than you'd find on the hotel's own Web site, see our 130+ pages of walking directions with maps at:

Venice for Visitors: Venice Hotel Directions


QuickVenice photo

ABOVE: QuickVenice has a "mobile first" responsive layout that adapts to computer monitors, tablets, and smartphones for optimum display and quick page loading.

By Durant Imboden

Ever since 1997, Venice for Visitors has been what PC Magazine calls "the premier visitors' site for Venice, Italy." The site has provided in-depth information about Venice to millions of travelers over the years.

Recently, though, we realized--after 17 years--that some travelers don't want in-depth information:

  • Maybe they're staying in Venice for only a day or two and just want to know the basics.
  • Maybe they're browsing the Web with smartphones and need a phone-friendly experience.
  • Or maybe they simply aren't as enthusiastic about reading and researching trips as we are.

QuickVenice bannerWith those thoughts in mind, Cheryl and I came up with an idea for a new site: "Quick Venice," using the theme "All the basics for shorter trips."

The site is now live, and it offers 75 pages of practical, useful, personally-researched information under the headings of:

  • Introducing Venice
  • Deciding where to stay
  • Arriving and getting around
  • Sightseeing and excursions
  • Venice for cruise passengers
  • Practical advice and warnings

Each page has a small photo, just enough text to convey the required facts or advice, and links to in-depth Venice for Visitors articles or other resources when needed.

The site is built around a "mobile first" responsive layout that adapts to displays on desktop computers, laptops, large or small tablets, and smartphones.

It's designed for quick loading, and for even faster display times, the pages are cached and served from 23 regional data centers around the world.

We hope you'll take a look at the new site. Even if you prefer the in-depth approach of Venice for Visitors, you may find that QuickVenice is perfect for use when you're browsing the Web on a smartphone or with a sluggish hotel Wi-Fi connection.

You'll find QuickVenice at: