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Venice Luggage Deposit: Leave your bags in the center of town

Venice Luggage Deposit

ABOVE: Look for the tiny yellow Venice Luggage Deposit logo at the entrance on Calle Larga Malvasia, which is only a few minutes on foot from the Piazza San Marco or the Rialto Bridge. (The building number is Castello 5496.)

Venice has a good supply of left-luggage offices, with locations at Marco Polo airport, at the Santa Lucia and Mestre train stations, in the Piazzale Roma (the city's bus and taxi gateway), and the cruise port. Until recently, however, finding a place to dump your bags in the heart of the historic center wasn't easy, unless you were checking in or out of a hotel.

Now there's a new, independently-managed Venice Luggage Deposit office in Castello, roughly midway between the Rialto Bridge, the Piazza San Marco, and the Campo Santa Maria Formosa. It's open 7 days a week from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and the price per calendar day is  €6 for the first bag and  €5 for each additional piece.

Storage rules are fairly simple: You can't check flammable objects, jewelry or other precious objects, money, business documents, or bags with smelly contents. You can check suitcases, backpacks, baskets, and other luggage up to a maximum weight of 25 Kg or 55 lb. per item.

For more information, including maps that show how to reach Venice Luggage Deposit from the Rialto Bridge and the Piazza San Marco, see:


(The site is in Italian, but you can convert it to your favorite language with Google Translate.)

BELOW: The office's interior before the crowds arrived on opening day.

Venice Luggage Deposit office


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Erik West

Thank you for a very informative site! Partly thanks to you we have finally decided to visit Venice. We are flying with our dog in a cage, but the Trasbagagli cooperative said they won't accept storage of the cage at their airport storage while we are in the city (for a few days). Is there any other way to store a dog cage at the airport? We are grateful for any advice.

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

I think you're out of luck at the airport, but you might be able to find a kennel on the mainland that could help you. (We haven't used any kennels in Venice, so we can't make any recommendations, unfortunately.)

Alternatively, you could bring your dog to the city with you. Venice is a dog-friendly city, and you should be able to take your dog most places other than for museums and supermarkets.

Erik West

Thank you for your kind answer. Sorry for being a bit unclear, we are actually bringing our dog to the city and just want to leave the cage (it's a few inches too large to be allowed onboard the ferry, and difficult to carry for too long) and pick it up again before flying home. No good going to Venice without our little companion!
We contacted Trasbagaglia, but as mentioned they said they won't store the cage. We called the airport information desk too, but they're not answering the phone. Maybe there are other storage operators in or near the terminal?

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Sorry. I need to read more carefully!

Unfortunately, Trasbagagli has a monopoly on luggage storage at the airport. It also runs a luggage-storage office at the Piazzale Roma in Venice (the arrival point for airport buses and land taxis), but you might run into the same problem there.

Still, it won't hurt to ask. Trasbagli charges a different rate at the Piazzale Roma than at the airport (7 euro instead of 6), so who knows--maybe it has a different policy on luggage dimensions, too. You can call the Piazzale Roma office direct at +39-041-5231107.

- di

Erik West

Thank you for the advice, we will give them a call. Right now I'm starting to feel tempted by the luxury of taking a water taxi... just like Maggie!:-) Best Regards, Erik.


I notice this post is about a year and half old, but I'm curious whether Erik resolved the issue about storing the dog cage. Not likely he will see this comment though, but you never know :)

I've never been to Venice myself, and would very much like to go, so I'm looking for all kinds of tips on visiting the town. I'm not sure about bringing my dog though, I think it would be kind of stressful for her.

Peter Kasurak

An excellent and apparently somewhat underused service. Google Maps got us there (eventually). Directions on site were ok -- but not bullet proof for first timers.

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