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People Mover: Skip the ticket line

People Mover - Piazzale Roma station

ABOVE: Passengers wait for a People Mover tram at the Piazzale Roma station.

Venice's People Mover has wildly successful since it entered service in 2010, and with good reason: The elevated tramway whisks passengers between Piazzale Roma (the gateway to Venice's historic center), Marittima (the main cruise port), and Tronchetto (the city's artificial parking island) in less than three minutes.

Until recently, the fare was only one euro, making a trip by People Mover one-seventh the cost of a local vaporetto ride. The fare has just risen up to €1,30, but that's still less than the cost of using Venice's public toilets. It's now exactly the same as the fare on a four-wheeled land bus in Venice's ACTV transportation network. And that's good news, for a simple reason:

  • Thanks to the People Mover's new integration with ACTV transit, you no longer have to stand in line at a ticket machine on days when crowds of cruise passengers and Tronchetto parking patrons are using the People Mover. Instead, you can buy an ordinary ACTV bus ticket from an ACTV booth, a Hellovenezia office, a tobacconist, or a newsstand and use it to pay for your ride.

For more information about the People Mover, see these two articles at Venice for Visitors:

Venice People Mover (article with photos and video)

People Mover to Marittima cruise port (illustrated step-by-step directions with satellite map)





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Costa Marcos

There's another good photo guide on traveling from Venice train station to the cruise terminals via the People Mover - great name ;) - at https://cruisenotes.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/traveling-from-venice-train-station-to-venice-cruise-port-photo-guide/.


When purchasing the Venice People Pusher tickets...can we buy two round trips tickets? If not...can we purchase at the beginning of the trip buy 4 one way tickets in advance...so we dont have to purchase tickets coming back to avoid the long lines? On the other hand can we purchase these tickets on-line before we leave the USA ? TKU

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Just buy four ACTV bus tickets from any ACTV ticket booth, ACTV ticket machine, or tobacco shop (look for small shops with "T" signs.) ACTV bus tickets are interchangeable with dedicated People Mover tickets, as we indicate in our post.

Many newsstands and souvenir shops also sell ACTV tickets. Make sure you're buying the cheap bus tickets and not the more expensive vaporetto or waterbus tickets.

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