What, no straw hat?
Puddles in the Piazza San Marco


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Ann M. Dill

Can not turn it on. Is there a switch somewhere? It has been exposed to sunlight since we bought it in Venice the beginning of November.

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Sorry, but we haven't used it ourselves. We just found the concept amusing.

Sheila Sauder

I have been searching for the solar-powered gondola since we returned from Italy without success. Friends that traveled with us collect the solar toys but she did not see this toy to purchase. I would love to get it for her. If anyone can tell me what business it was purchased so I could see if they have a website I would be so grateful. Thank you!

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Ms. Sauder: We didn't buy the solar-powered gondola model ourselves, and it's been a few years since my wife took the photo in a shop window that she happened to pass. Sorry that we can't be more helpful!

- di

Bruna Benetazzo

Anyone know where I can get one?



They are everywhere in Venice. Almost every souvenir shop has them and they are all around 10 Euros each. Not sure where you can buy them here.


If you can not buy something on ebay or amazon, it can not be had LOL

Susan Lunardini

We spotted one this trip, but the shop was locked. Did not find them everywhere in Venice. We have one that is five years old and it rocks along all day, but is still at night. The one we bought was from a vendor in Milan near the Duomo and he claimed it was totally made in Italy. I don't believe there is a switch, but it does like a level surface. If someone finds a source, I would love to have another for a gift. Ours is not cheaply made; the comb is present and the driver is in proportion.


The only shop I saw them in was in one of the large souvenir shops at the Rialto Bridge, on the San Marco side of the canal. In May, 2018. I’m kicking myself for not getting it... I thought I’d have more opportunities, but I didn’t, during the entire week I was in Venice. It was about $20. So, if you see it, grab it! If anyone finds a US source, let me know!


We bought one in 2013 and it's still working. Just needs bright light and a level surface. Wish we'd bought another one and would like to buy another one now .


My son just bought me one on a trip to Venice last week. It is so cool. Takes good light, but once it has it off it goes.

Jeff Hohbach

I bought one in Venice in 2017 and just loved it. Called him Giuseppe. He’d be up early and paddle to late afternoon. I didn’t put him up quite high enough and my 2 yr old grandson grabbed it but only few a few seconds. Giuseppe hasn’t rowed since. Tried multiple times on internet with no luck in finding a replacement. Have to rerun to Venice again. Pray the tides and water go down!

Larry Glazer

I found them in numerous souvenir shops in Venice. Eventually bought one (3 years ago) and really liked it....until I dropped it. Cleveland rocks buy my gondola doesn't any more.
I'd like to replace it.

Larry 2/20/20

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