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LA BELLA VITA: Barge cruising from Venice

LA BELLA VITA in Castello, Venice

ABOVE: La Bella Vita is moored on the waterfront of St. Mark's Basin.

Venezia - Mantova signsIn May, 2013, we cruised from Venice to Mantua aboard La Bella Vita, a hotel barge of European Waterways that entered service last year. The six-night voyage took us to Chioggia (at the southern end of the Venetian Lagoon) and up the Po Delta, finishing its journey at Mantua.

We've just published a 32-page cruise review and day-by-day cruise photo diary at Here are a few of the 150 pictures that you'll find in our coverage:

LA BELLA VITA at Marittima, Venice

ABOVE: La Bella Vita at Venice's Marittima cruise terminals. (In this photo, the captain and engineer are coming to welcome us on board and take our luggage.)

COSTA MAGICA and Piazza San Marco

ABOVE: The view from Cabin 2, "Canaletto," on the morning after an overnight stay near the Piazza San Marco.

Chioggia, Italy

ABOVE: A fisheye view of Chioggia, the most important fishing port on the Venetian Lagoon.

Drawbridge on Canal Bianco

ABOVE: A drawbridge opens for La Bella Vita on the Canal Bianco in the Po River Valley.

Lost doll in Ferrara, Italy

ABOVE: An abandoned baby in Ferrara, Italy.

Goats at Conca di San Leone

ABOVE: Goats watch La Bella Vita traverse a lock between Ferrara and Mantua.


ABOVE: La Bella Vita arrives in Zelo, Italy.

Paola Salvato, tour guide

ABOVE: Paola Salvato, our tour leader, stands on a riverside pier near Mantua, Italy.