The paving stones of Venice
An aerial photo of Venice and the Venetian Lagoon

A new hotel on Murano: LaGare Hotel Venezia

LaGare Hotel Venezia - Murano

ABOVE: The LaGare Hotel Venezia (right) is directly across from the Murano Museo boat platform, which offers direct waterbus connections to Marco Polo Airport, the Lido di Venezia, and Venice's historic center.

Murano  is famous for its glass factories and shops, but the car-free island (which lies just off Venice in the Venetian Lagoon) has other attractions, too--including historic churches, a superb Glass Museum, and plenty of restaurants with canalside tables. Until recently, Murano had only a handful of tiny hotels, but now there's a brand-new hostelry in town: the four-star LaGare Hotel Venezia, which belongs to the Accor hotel group's design-oriented M Gallery collection.

The 118-room boutique hotel is directly adjacent to the Murano Museo waterbus stop, which is served by Alilaguna Linea Rossa boats from Venice Marco Polo Aiport between the end of April and the beginning of November. You can also walk to the hotel from Alilaguna's year-round Linea Blu stop at Colonna.

For more information about the hotel, see Booking.com's LaGare Hotel Venezia pages, Venere's LaGare Hotel listing, or the hotel's own site. (You'll probably get the best rate from our discount hotel partners, Booking.com and Venere, but--as always--we recommend comparing rates to be on the safe side.)

To learn more about the island of Murano, read our illustrated 11-page Murano travel guide.


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peter de sisto

The wheel for centuries has made our life much easier. Approx 20 years ago wheels were applied to suitcases. All of that becomes useless when arriving or departing from St.Lucia Rail station since there is no ramp to go up and down the many stairs. Older people, handicap, and normal tourist struggle to drag their suitcases up and down or become victims of the so called occasional porters.
Filling the gap between stairs with a small wooden ramp would cost no more than an expensive set of suitcases. Venetians..wake up...

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

The railroad station has nothing to do with the LaGare Hotel Venezia on Murano, but in any case, it does have a side door that lets travelers with luggage or wheelchairs bypass the main staircase and go down to the water on a gentle incline. See:


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