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New iPhone and Android app predicts Venice flooding

hi!tide Venice smartphone appThe city of Venice and software developer Diego Pizzocaro have announced a free smartphone app titled "hi!tide Venice." The app is available in English for both iOS (iPhone) and Android, and it predicts acqua alta (tidal flooding) with data supplied by Venice's official tidal-monitoring and flood-warning service, the Istituzione Centro Previsioni e Segnalazioni Maree.

The app's main screen shows the current tide plus anticipated low and high tides over the next two days. You can click on a daily forecast for a more detailed view that includes an hour-by-hour graph.

You'll also see icons for "Places" and "Ferries" that show current tide levels at main points of interest (such as the Piazza San Marco) and vaporetto piers.

To download the free app from Apple's App Store or the Android Market, click the links on:

City of Venice: Tide Forecast Apps


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Marcello Gasparini

Hi we would like to sign another free application: Water on the Venice Floor.
The app show the street map of Venice and highlights the wet streets when there is
high tide. When there is high tide the color of wet streets will be RED.
The applicaton show the high tide in real time, it don't do a forecast.
The value of the tide that we used is provided by " Istituzione del Centro Maree
del Comune di Venezia", the only one who have the true datum!

The application is for smart device with Android or iOS Operative System, You
can download at:
Play store

We have done another interesting application: Toilette in Venice... try these!

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