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New pages: Directions to Venice Hotels

Directions-screen-captureOn our travel-planning site, Venice for Visitors, we've just launched a preview version of a new section: Venice Hotel Directions.

The pages have step-by-step walking directions to individual hotels from nearby transportation points, such as Alilaguna airport-boat stops, the Santa Lucia Railroad Station, or airport buses and taxis at the Piazzale Roma.

Each page has a customized Google satellite map of the area around the hotel, with icons for the featured hotel and others in the neighborhood that can serve as landmarks.

We've also included links to Venere hotel pages (featuring TripAdvisor reviews), Booking.com hotel pages, and the hotels' own Web sites for the convenience of readers who haven't yet reserved rooms and want to compare rates, reviews, and availability. 

As of February 10, 2013, we have about three dozen Venice Hotel Directions pages online. That number should grow to at least 100 by the end of the month.

We hope you'll find our new Venice Hotel Directions pages useful, either for printing out and taking with you or for viewing on your smartphone or tablet after you arrive in Venice.

Again, you'll find the preview version of our new section at:

Directions to Venice Hotels (Veniceforvisitors.com)


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thank you for the directions guide... I was wondering if now the hotel list is complete. Thank you,


Durant and Cheryl Imboden

We'll be adding more hotels. (I think we're up to 130 now.) We wanted the first batch of directions pages to be for hotels that are extremely easy to reach from airport buses, the railroad station, and Alilaguna airport-boat stops.

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