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A wedding photographer in Venice

Lucca Fazzolari wedding photo 1

PHOTOS: The pictures in this article are sample images by Luca Fazzolari, who photographs couples of many nationalities.

Destination weddings bring many foreign couples to Venice. So do honeymoons, anniversaries, and engagement trips. If you're planning a personal event in Venice that needs commemorating, you'll probably want to hire a photographer. One talented photographer who deserves to be on your short list is Luca Fazzolari, who supplied the images on this page.

Luca Fazzolari - couple in VeniceLuca divides his time between Venice and Milan (where he studied fashion and portrait photography at the Istituto Italiano di Fotografia). In addition to being a consummate professional photographer, Luca has excellent language skills: He's fluent in Italian, English, and French, and he also has studied Russian.

For more information in English about Luca Fazzolari and his services, visit www.photographervenice.com. And to see even more of his photographic work (including portraits, fashion, and architectural subjects), go to his Italian-language site, www.lucafaz.it.

Luca Fazzolari wedding photo 2

Photos copyright (c) Luca Fazzolari.


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