Street addresses in Venice
New ACTV route numbers

A photo site for gondola fans

Gondolas on the Grand Canal

ABOVE: A gondola picture from our own

by Durant Imboden

Today, I discovered that a site with the domain "" was linking to our main travel-planning site, Venice for Visitors. I took a peek, and I discovered a site with hundreds of photos and links to other resources (including photos and paintings) about Venetian gondolas and rowboats. If you're a fan of Venetian boats and rowing, click on the link below:

Tip: For practical advice on touring Venice's canals by gondola, read our "Gondolas and Gondola Rides" article at Venice for Visitors. Also see our "Traghetto" article, which describes gondola ferries that offer a quick ride across the Grand Canal for only 50 cents.

BELOW: A video clip of a mini-passenger in a gondola greeting our dog Maggie, who was watching the gondola from a bridge:



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