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Mestre for Venice cruise passengers


ABOVE: Venice's Marittima cruise basin from the deck of MSC Poesia

2016 Update: We've closed comments on this post. If you're looking for a hotel in Mestre that's convenient to the Venice Marittima cruise basin, we suggest reading the Mestre Hotels for Cruise Passengers page of the Venice Mestre & Marghera Hotels guide at our travel-planning site, Veniceforvisitors.com. (And if you're already booked into a hotel in an inconvenient location, we suggest that you cancel your reservation and book a hotel that's more practical for cruise passengers.)

n a recent post titled "Trains from Mestre to Venice, and parking in Mestre," we offered suggestions for money-conscious tourists and motorists who might be thinking of staying in Mestre, on the Venetian mainland, instead of in Venice's historic center.

VE Mestre signNow we'd like to discuss a related topic: Why spending a few nights in Mestre may be a good idea if you're cruising from or to Venice.

First, some basics:

  • Mestre is at the foot of the causeway that leads from the Italian mainland to Venice's historic center and cruise port, which are about 4 km or 2.6 miles offshore.
  • Although Mestre is often described as an "industrial suburb," it's actually part of the Comune di Venezia, a.k.a. the City of Venice. It's a pleasant, prosperous town with a population of nearly 186,00 and a thriving commercial center with a number of historic buildings from the 12th through the 19th Centuries.

What does Mestre have to offer cruisers? Mainly this:

  • If you're laden down with luggage--as cruise passengers often are--you can take a cab from Marco Polo Airport to a hotel in downtown Mestre for about a dozen euros. When you're ready to board your cruise ship, you can hire another taxi to the cruise terminal (either Marittima or San Basilio) and ride directly to the ship for 25 euros or less.

As a bonus, Venice's historic center is only a 10- to 12-minute train ride from the Mestre Railroad Station, so you can easily sightsee before or after your cruise even if you've chosen to stay on the mainland.

We'd like to make one thing clear: We prefer staying in Venice's car-free historic center ourselves, and we think it's your best choice if can manage it. But if you lack the strength or enough hands to wrestle suitcases filled with tuxedos and evening gowns over Venice's footbridges, a taxi-accessible hotel in Mestre is likely to be a practical and less stressful alternative.

For more information about Mestre, including how to get there and where to stay, see our 23 pages of Mestre travel advice and photos at Veniceforvisitors.com.

BELOW: Shoppers on the Piazza Ferretto in downtown Mestre's pedestrian zone.

Piazza Ferretto Mestre


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Donna Vosberg

How far From the Park Hotel Junior in Quarto D' Altino to the cruise port?

Durant Imboden

I'd never heard of the hotel until you mentioned it, but in any case, it's way out in the sticks:


I'd strongly urge you to stay in Venice's historic center or in Mestre (the Lido di Venezia is another possibility if you're departing from the Marittima cruise basin). See our Venice for Visitors article on hotels for cruisers:



From Hotel Antony to port MSC Ship...Saturday departure. Ground taxi to Piazza Roma, then shuttle [instead of People Mover] to MSC ship??? whe3ther free or not! Please assist.

Durant Imboden

The Hotel Antony is on the mainland (in Mestre, near the airport), so if you're going to take a taxi, you can go directly to the Marittima cruise basin and your ship's terminal. (The port is accessible by car.)

Just tell the driver "Marittima" and the name of your ship. Here's a map of the Marittima cruise basin. Click "English" for English captions:


Gwynneth  BURTON  (Mrs)

We are from New Zealand, and will be staying at the HOTEL FLORA for one night prior to our Holland America Line "Nieuw Amsterdam" Cruise which departs Venice at 5pm on Thurs. 20 August 2015. What is your suggestion for the best and cheapest way to get from San Marco Square area to the Port where the Cruise Ship will be docked? Can we get our HOTEL FLORA Manager to arrange this for us when we checkin to the Hotel? Or should we pre-book this water taxi transfer in advance? Please advise the estimated cost.
Thank you

Gwynneth BURTON

Durant Imboden

Just walk to the San Marco Giardinetti waterbus stop, which isn't far from the Flora, and take the Alilaguna Blue Line airport boat to the Marittima cruise basin. (You'll want to take the boat that's coming from the airport, not to the airport. It will bring you to a landing near your ship.)

Arunabha Sarkar

What is the fare and travel time by taxi from Mestre station to cruise terminal ?

Durant Imboden

The trip from Mestre RR station to the cruise terminals is quick (maybe 10 minutes at most), but I couldn't tell you the fare offhand.

If you take a cab, you'll need to know your ship's location. Venice has cruise terminals at the Marittima basin and the San Basilio/Santa Marta piers. (Large ships use Marittima; smaller ships tend to use San Basilio or Santa Marta, but not always.)


We are catching the Princess Line med cruise ,is it best to go from mestra station or from Santa Lucia,we arrive at mestra from vienna

Jennifer Meilhon

We have booked a cruise on MSC Poesia in September. Would the Hotel Floris, Central, Venice Mestre be a good hotel in which to stay the night before boarding the ship the following day?

Durant Imboden

Ms. Meilhon: Do you mean the Hotel Floris in Mogliano Veneto? That's far out of town. It might be all right if you were driving to the pier and parking your car for the week, but otherwise, you'd be better off with a hotel closer to the Marittima cruise basin or in Mestre proper (where you can easily take a land taxi to your ship). See our Venice for Cruisers information on cruise hotels and getting to the piers at:


Yousuf Shafiq

We are going on 26th July on MSC Magnifica. We are 2 Adults and 1 child 8 years. We will be coming from Garda area by Train. Please suggest if we should get off at Mestre or Santa Lucia. I was thinking to get off at Mestre and then take a Bus to Piazalle Roma and then take a taxi to the cruise terminal. Do you suggest this ? Or I should just get off at Mestre and take a taxi direct to the Cruise Terminal. Your help and suggestion would be really appreciated.

Regards / Yousuf

Durant Imboden

Anyof your proposed ideas will work. The easiest way would be to get off at Mestre and take a taxi to your ship, but the other ways are cheaper and fine unless you have a lot of luggage. See our "Getting to your ship" article at veniceforcruisers.com.

Kathleen Van de Woestijne

We are going on 26th september on msc . We come from Bologna with a rented car . What is the best way , to return the car at mestre railstation ? And then go further with train or taxi ? What is the price for a taxi ? Please your help and suggestion . We are 2 adults .

Gr. Kathleen Van de Woestijne

Katherine Teoh

We are taking a bus from Milan to Venice Tronchett People Mover. How do we from Tronchett to our Hotel plaza in Mestre? Suggestion appreciated. Thank you.

Durant Imboden

You could take the People Mover to Piazzale Roma and take a bus or taxi o Mestre from there, or you could look for a taxi at Tronchetto. If you're using public transportation, ask your hotel for the most suitable bus route.


Hello, We will be staying in Mestre for 2 nights pre cruise. Hotel is Alla Giustizia. Can you tell me if this is central for the train station and for getting to the cruise terminal please.
Kind regards,

Durant Imboden

The Alla Giustizia isn't the most convenient hotel for your purposes. When you're there, ask the hotel receptionist for the most convenient bus to Piazzale Roma and take the People Mover from Piazzale Roma to the Marittima cruise basin (assuming that you're leaving from Marittima, which is used by larger ships). Or, better yet, take a cab directly to your ship.

Eileen Rosenbauer

We will be arriving in Venice on Saturday Sept.5th and staying at the Hotel Roma in Marghera for the night and then leaving on Costa Cruise 7pm on the 6th. What is best way to get from airport to hotel and then hotel to cruise terminal??

Durant Imboden

Ms. Rosenbauer, the Hotel Roma has directions from the airport at:


The hotel receptionist can direct you to a public bus that will take you to the Piazzale Roma in Venice (where you can ride the People Mover to the port), or you can simply take a taxi from the hotel to your ship.

For more information on cruising in Venice, including transportation, see:



We are staying at the Ca San Rocco Hotel & taking the Queen Victoria out on 26 Sep 2015, just wondering the best way to get to the ship, maybe water taxi ?? there are 4 of us travelling with suitcases, Thanks Martin

Durant Imboden

Martin: The Ca' San Rocco isn't an especially convenient hotel for cruisers. You'd have to check with the hotel to learn the nearest water-taxi stop. (The receptionist can tell you when you check in.)

If it were us, we'd just walk to the Piazzale Roma (maybe a 15-minute walk?) and catch the People Mover to the Marittima cruise basin from there.

Margaret Farrugia

We are arriving Treviso Oct. 21 at 9:40 am.... What is the best way to travel to Maestre? Which hotel is better in Mestre an close to the cruise ships (MSC)? Our cruise departs Oct. 22 so we need to be close. How do we travel from Hotel to the cruise ships. We will have luggage with us. Thanks.

Durant Imboden

Ms. Farrugia:

Take an airport bus from Treviso Airport that stops at the Mestre train station on is way to Venice:


Stay at a hotel in Mestre that's across the street from the train station:


From your hotel in Mestre, you can take a land taxi directly to your ship.

  Brigid Malone

we are staying in the Hotel Aaron in Mestre in November and want to get to Marittima Cruise Basin for our cruise. What is the cheapest way of doing this please?

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