Long lines at Venice Marco Polo Airport
The pros and cons of Venice water taxis

An illustrated guide to Venice water buses

We've just published a four-page article titled "Vaporetto Water Buses" at our travel-planning site, Venice for Visitors. The article discusses:

Observant readers of the four-page guide may wonder where we got aerial photos such as these:

ACTV motonave near Venice Biennale

ACTV Linea LN boat in Venetian Lagoon

No, we didn't rent a helicopter or a hot-air balloon: We took the photos from an upper deck of MSC Poesia, which was leaving Venice for a 7-day Eastern Mediterranean cruise. Fortunately for us, the weather was perfect, and the light conditions made it easy to grab decent images as we passed the ACTV water buses.


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Giuditta McDonald

I am so glad I found your website - the information is fascinating, useful AND practical! I'll be landing at Marco Polo airport after the usual long trip from the U.S. and will take the Aliguna boat to town. I'm sure I'll find my way easily thanks to your step by step fotos! (As long as my bag arrives when I do-)
grazie mille!

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