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Need to pee? Prepare to pay.

Abandoned roilets on Venice's Zattere

ABOVE: Can't afford Venice's public toilets? Bring your own.

If you're hoping to spend a penny in Venice, good luck: The city's public toilets cost a staggering €1,50 per visit, which means you'll pay twice (or several times) for your already-expensive liter bottle of San Benedetto water or Coke.

In our Venice for Visitors article, "Public Toilets in Venice," we tell where to find WCs and how to avoid the high cost of voiding if you can't bear the city's €1,50 fee per wee.

Here's another tip: Stay at a hotel, B&B, or apartment in Venice's historic center, and you'll have a convenient place to go when you need to go. 


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it comes handy to be at a hotel near piazza san marco, belive-me!!!
I made several pees since I´ve drank too much water during the heat of the summer recently .just walking from the piazza,to my hotel and then caame back to where my folks were, I´ve walked the same way many times , just for a pee

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