The Gustavus Choir in Venice, Italy
Tourists on the run in Venice?

Is Johnny Depp buying a palazzo in Venice?

Johnny Depp's yacht VAJOLIROJA in Venice

ABOVE: Johnny Depp's yacht Vajoliroja in Venice last year.

Johnny Depp may have bombed at the box office with The Tourist, a Venice-based thriller that he starred in with Angelina Jolie last year, but that unhappy experience hasn't dampened the actor's enthusiasm for Venice--at least if we're to believe a report in La Nuova di Venezia e Mestre, which claims that Depp is ready to offer 10 million euros for a holiday home on the Grand Canal.

According to La Nuova, Depp wants to purchase the Palazzo Donà Sangiantoffetti, a 17th Century mansion that he visited with his wife while The Tourist was being filmed during the late winter and early spring of 2010.

For a Google-translated version of La Nuova's story in English, click here.


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