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Bellini cocktail in a can

Cipriani Bellini Cocktail Mix

This year, we celebrated New Year's Eve with Bellini cocktails: Not the made-to-order version at Harry's Bar (which runs 15 euros for a glass of peach juice and prosecco), but the non-alcoholic canned variety shown in the photo above. The "Cipriani Bellini Mix" is produced under license from the Ciprianis, who own Harry's Bar, and the text on the can recommends serving the "peach juice softdrink" with "gin, vodka, white rum, or sparkling wine."

Cipriani Bellini Mix contains 25 percent peach juice, carbonated water, sugar, and the usual dash of preservatives and antioxidants. It's bottled by San Benedetto, a leading producer of mineral water in the Veneto region.

Look for Cipriani Bellini Mix in supermarkets and gourmet shops in Italy or abroad. You can even order it from Amazon.com, although an Amazon reviewer suggests that it's cheaper--and tastier--to simply buy peach puree and add Champagne. (If you prefer that do-it-yourself approach, we'd recommend using Spanish cava, Italian prosecco, or another less expensive fizzy wine instead of diluting good Champagne with peach puree.)


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John at PVD

cocktail in a can? Sure that's a great alternative for those who are into it but considering a tight budget.


Why don't you rate restaurants in Venice?

Durant Imboden

We have a handful of restaurant reviews on Veniceforvisitors.com, but for the most part, we'd rather leave restaurant reviewing to people who are better qualified than we are. (We aren't foodies, and we usually eat at home.)

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