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A Santa Gondolier on San Diego Bay

Santa Gondolier at Loews San Diego Bay Resort

ABOVE: Hear the "Row-ho-ho" of a singing Santa Gondolier at Loews San Diego Bay Resort.

San Diego is a long way from Venice, Italy, but if you'd rather spend your holidays near the Pacific Ocean than in the Venetian Lagoon, Loews San Diego Bay Resort has a Christmas treat in store for you: 

"Instead of serenading couples with Italian love songs, the Santa Gondolier treats guests to their favorite Christmas carols as they cruise through the enchanting canals and waterways of the Coronado Cays."

Boats, oarspeople, and crooning are supplied by The Gondola Company, which offers gondola rides year-round at Loews Coronado Bay Resort.

For more information about touring the Coronado Cays by gondola, go to To learn more about the resort, visit the Loews Coronado Bay Resort Web site.

Photo: Tim King


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