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Self-service laundries in Venice

Venice laundromat

ABOVE: Maggie of inspects a laundromat in Santa Croce, near the railroad station.

by Durant Imboden 

Venice launderette sign If you're like me and you travel mostly with drip-dry clothing, you won't need to worry about finding a self-service laundry when you're in Venice.

But if you're a more typical traveler who wears cotton t-shirts, jeans, and other items that benefit from machine washing and drying, don't miss our Venice Laundromats article at Venice for Visitors.

Our illustrated article describes three launderettes in Venice's historical center: one near the railroad station, another within walking distance of the Piazza San Marco, and another that's next to the Venice Hostel on the island of Giudecca.

All three establishments are modern, clean, and open until mid- or late evening. For more about the laundromats and how to reach them, click here.

In the Ghetto: A new kosher hotel and restaurant



ABOVE: A top-floor triple room at the Giardino del Ghetto, and outdoor tables at the Restaurant Le Balthazar.

The Venetian Ghetto has a new hotel and restaurant for visitors who keep kosher:

  • The kosher boutique hotel Giardino del Ghetto has 14 double rooms, 2 singles, and 2 triples with free Wi-Fi in the rooms, a Shabbat elevator, and a Mikveh on the premises. A kosher breakfast is served daily, and half- or full-board rates are available.
  • Kosherinvenice-restaurant-interior-175The glatt kosher Restaurant Le Balthazar offers Venetian, Italian, and Jewish specialties. A garden is open in the warmer months, and Shabbat meals are served year-round.

The hotel and restaurant are located on the Campo di Ghetto Nuovo, which is in the heart of the Ghetto. (See our "Venetian Ghetto" article for more information on this historic area of Venice's Cannaregio district.)