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imob discount vaporetto card is now valid for 5 years

Venice imob electronic card reader

ABOVE: An imob electronic card reader at a vaporetto stop. 

The imob transit discount card (formerly Cartavenezia), which we discussed in an earlier post, is a great value if you ride Venice's vaporetti and motoscafi often, are going to be in town for a while, or come to Venice at least once a year. 

The card lets you buy Actv boat tickets for as little as one euro per ride, compared to the eye-popping and wallet-gouging 6,50 euros that ordinary tourists pay.

Now the card is an even better deal: As of October 1, 2010, new imob cards are valid for five years instead of the previous three years, and the price is still only 40 euros (which you'll recoup in about seven vaporetto rides). 

For more information about buying and using the card, see our imob card (Cartavenezia) article at Venice for Visitors.


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Linda Bailey Zimmerman

Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an informative blog...your website is amazing!!
I've been to Venice many times and have figured out many of the nuances of getting around....but your details are wonderful!!
Heading back in November with a friend that hasn't been to Venice before....I'm sending her to your site!!
thank you....thank you,

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