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How to buy train tickets at Venice's railroad station


ABOVE: These Trenitalia ticket machines are in the railroad station at Rome's Leonardo da Vinci Airport. You'll find similar or identical machines in Venice Santa Lucia and other train stations throughout Italy.

A few days ago, we published an article at Rome for Visitors that may be useful if you're catching a train in Venice: 

The illustrated piece is a how-to guide to Trenitalia's "Fast Ticket" machines in Italian railroad stations, and its step-by-step instructions will be helpful whether you're buying tickets in Venice's Stazione Santa Lucia, Mestre, Florence, Rome, or another location in Italy.

It's worth noting that stations in larger cities (including Venice) also have regional ticket machines that work differently--and more simply--than the Trenitalia versions. Our article focuses on the Trenitalia machines, which issue tickets for Italy's national rail network and--in some cases--for regional trains as well.

  • Tip: On both the Trenitalia and regional machines, you can play around with the machines' controls until you're ready to complete your purchase. This is a great convenience if you aren't sure which type of machine to use. (Just look for your destination on the machine, and--you don't find it--try the other type of machine instead.)

To read our step-by-step guide to using a Trenitalia biglietteria automatica, see "Trenitalia ticket machines" at Rome for Visitors.


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