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bmibaby "enterplanement" features actors and a violinist

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We love a good publicity stunt, so we're happy to announce that bmibaby, the British budget airline, recently staged its second "enterplanement" event of the season on a flight from the UK's East Midlands Airport to Venice Marco Polo Airport.

The event started with a performance by actors from Venice's Teatro San Gallo, who entertained passengers at the departure gate of East Midlands Airport with scenes from their long-running show Venezia.

Once the plane was in the air, violinist Matteo Mesini of the Collegium Ducale orchestra performed excerts from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons for a captive but appreciative audience.

Most bmibaby flights don't feature "enterplanement," but who knows--maybe you'll get lucky and see Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie performing a live love scene from their forthcoming movie, The Tourist, on your next trip from East Mid to VCE.

For information on bmibaby's service between East Midlands Airport and Venice, go to the Venice timetable page at bmibaby.com.

Video: bmibaby


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