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A water taxi ride to Venice Airport

Cheryl Imboden in Venice water taxi

ABOVE: Cheryl has a bad hair day in the back of a water taxi on the Venetian Lagoon.

In the video below, you'll see snippets from a 25-minute ride in a water taxi from the center of Venice to Marco Polo Airport.

The video begins with several still photos of the water taxi being loaded with luggage in the Ca' Foscari canal and heading toward the Grand Canal.

In the Grand Canal, you'll see a traghetto, tourists in a gondola, video clips of other boat traffic, and the water taxi cruising under the Rialto Bridge.

As the boat passes the vaporetto stop at the Pescheria, or Fish Market, it turns right and travels through a narrow side canal to the Fondamente Nova and the Venetian Lagoon

Once the boat is on the open water, the taxi acqueo becomes a speedboat as it heads for the airport (passing water buses and an Alilaguna airport boat along the way).

The video concludes with the three of us (Durant, Cheryl, and our dog Maggie of arriving at the airport and heading for the check-in desk in the departures terminal.

Note: Lighting conditions were a challenge when this video was taken on a sunny spring day, but if you don't mind a bit of glare, the video is worth watching to see what it's like to ride a water taxi between Venice's historic center and Venice Marco Polo Airport:

Mosquito season in Venice

Mosquito repellents in Venice, Italy
PHOTOS: Mosquito repellents, candles, and coils at a Billa supermarket in Venice. 

Mosquitoes, (in Italian, zanzare) are a common annoyance in Venice from spring through early fall. The first mosquitoes of the 2010 season appeared a few weeks ago, when it was hard to sleep with the little creatures flying into our bedroom from the living room (where they'd entered through an open window overlooking the garden) and buzzing in our ears.

By the second or third night of the zanzare season, we were covered with small welts from mosquito bites, but--oddly enough--the bites didn't itch nearly as much as bites from mosquitoes in our part of the U.S. do.

Fortunately, Venice's retailers have been ready for the spring crop of zanzare with supplies of canned mosquito repellent, citronella candles, and mosquito coils--including a brand of coil or spirale called "Vulcano" (shown below) that evoked memories of the Icelandic ash attack that disrupted European air traffic in April.

Vulcano mosquito coils 

Venice airport luggage carts

Venice Marco Polo Airport baggage cart
ABOVE: A free baggage cart at Venice Marco Polo Airport.

In our Venice Airport Luggage Carts article at Venice for Visitors, we tell how to use the carts at Marco Polo Airport. We also explain that the baggage carts are free--if you remember to retrieve the coin that's required to unlock your cart before you can use it. Here's a short video that shows how to get your money back: