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The yacht VAJOLIROJA, take 3

Vajoliroja and Oceania Insignia in Venice
ABOVE: Vajoliroja is moored near the Oceania cruise ship Insignia in Venice. 

Johnny Depp's yacht Vajoliroja reportedly took the actor and his family on an outing yesterday, and today the vessel is moored once again on Venice's Zattere.

This time, however, the aft saloon and sundeck have been fitted with privacy screens to protect the reclusive star from prying eyes and camera lenses:

Privacy screens on the VAJOLIROJA
 Red-shirted crew members continue to keep the yacht shipshape:

A few steps away, in the Billa supermarket on the Zattere, Johnny's Italian fans (both human and canine) have been hoping to catch a glimpse of the former Captain Jack Sparrow filling his shopping cart with Cap'n Crunch:

Dog in Billa supermarket

Pescheria (Rialto Fish Market)

Calamari in Venice's Pescheria
ABOVE: Fresh calamari at a fishmonger's stall in the Pescheria.

Venice's Pescheria (pronounced "Peskaria"), a.k.a. the Rialto Fish Market, is a popular tourist attraction, but it's also a serious food market where you'll find restaurant chefs and homemakers selecting from an array of freshly-caught fish, crustaceans, and other seafood every morning but Monday. 

Along with the Erberia, or produce market, the Pescheria is alongside the Grand Canal, just north of the Rialto Bridge as you exit the bridge across the canal from the Rialto vaporetto platforms.

The video below shows a typical morning at the fish market. For more information about the Pescheria and Erberia (including how to find them), see our Rialto Food Markets article at Venice for Visitors.

VAJOLIROJA in Venice, take 2

Vajoliroja in Venice

ABOVE: A Venetian boat upstages the yacht Vajoliroja in Venice..

Since posting a photo and video clip of Johnny Depp's yacht in Venice yesterday, we've learned (via a forum post on, which linked to our blog) that the Vajoliroja didn't arrive in Venezia until Sunday because it was being used by director Tim Burton and his family. Depp has acted in seven of Burton's movies, starting with Edward Scissorhands, the 1990 film that made Johnny Depp a star.

This afternoon, Cheryl grabbed a quick video of people boarding the Vajoliroja. They could have been members of Johnny Depp's posse, or--for all we know--they might have been going on board to fix the plumbing. We'll let the celebrity-watchers sort out their identities: