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Bungee trampolines in the Campo San Polo

Shaker Heights High School Band in Venice

Cheryl was walking with our dog Maggie in San Marco today when she encountered the Shaker Heights High School Band.

Shaker Heights is a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio in the United States, and its band was on a "Shaker Crosses the Alps" tour of Northern Italy and Austria. 

Here are some videos and photos of the students, their entourage, and their audience in Venice:

The Shaker Heights High School Band presented a free outdoor concert in the Campo San Stefano, one of Venice's larger squares. (Venice's music conservatory is just around the corner from where the band performed.)

Trombones are always fun to watch, and the Shaker Heights Raiders have more trombones than some university bands do--as you'll see in this short video, which also shows a glimpse of the saxophone section.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy--and Jill a dull girl--so Cheryl and Maggie were happy to see the pom-pom girls, flag line, or cheerleaders (a.k.a. the girls in the white dresses) break from character and interact with the crowd.

In this longer clip, which we've titled "Percussion and Pom Poms," you can hear the drum section beat out a rhythm for two minutes while pom poms bounce above the mob of musicians and onlookers.

Shaker Heights High School Band whistle
During the concert, an adult member of the band's posse handed this souvenir whistle to Cheryl, while our dog Maggie got to pose for pictures with a couple of friendly band members.

Shaker Heights High School Band uniforms in Venice
Later, Cheryl snapped this photo of the band's uniforms, which had been packed into plastic bags for transport by boat from a canal next to the Campo San Stefano.

For another short video clip and photo, see "Maggie, shake!" (As in "Shaker Heights") in our Maggie in Venice blog.


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Daniel Levin

Durant and Cheryl,

I am so very appreciative of your taking the time to enjoy the Shaker Heights High School marching band's performance in the San Marco piazza! As a father of one of the young bandmember travelers who was left behind in The States, it was a true thrill for me to experience your observations through your words and video! A documentation from a Vanician's point of view. A true gift indeed! Ringraziarla!

Daniel Levin ~ Ohio USA

Daniel Levin ~ Ohio USA


It appears you and they were in Campo San Stefano not San Marco Piazza.

Peter Robertson

How nice! I went looking for news of the band's trip, expecting to find an intrepid student's iPhone post or something, and here's an independent account! Thank you!

Noel and George

What a treat!
Lovely article and videos!
Our grandson is one of the tenor sax players and our son is one of the chaperones so we're keeping up with the trip from California.

Valdir & Larissa

This is great!
Our family in Brasil is also enjoying to see our 2 daughters playing and dancing on this blog.

Scott Miller (fdather of Jacob Miller)

This is fantastic, just fantastic. Very moving actually. To see so many young people, my son included, in such a wonderful place. So exciting. Having never been to Venice I guess I need to someday walk in my son's footsteps.

Thank you for sending these videos and pictures. It's a joy! Keep them coming.

mary boyle

Whoever we should thank, please know we are so grateful, seeing our grandson playing in that beautiful square. And the dance team dancing with what seemed a very appreciate audience was a delight.

Mechele Arales Shaker Hts, Ohio USA

Thank you for your wonderful presentation of our band. I visited our band site looking for pictures and some clue as to how our children were enjoying their trip. Imagine my surprise when I happened upon your unbiased view of the band.

As the proud mother of one of the trumpet players, I am eternally grateful that you took the time to share your experience with all of us. I was unable to make the trip and my son has never travelled without the rest of our family. This was truly a treat! Many thanks to you for bringing him closer to us as he travels so far away from home.


Hi, I'm an Italian guy... On 26th of March, I and my friends have met some band members( maybe of Shaker HS...) on Rialto bridge in Venice... Were any of you?!?

Bob Kimmelfield

I, too, am a band parent; my son plays tenor sax and my daughter the flugobone. And along with many other Shaker Heights parents, we thank you for making these videos and pictures available for us as we try to follow our family during their trip

Debbie Pattie

I was the first to meet Cheryl and Maggie while the band was playing. Cheryl had asked me several questions about the band and told me her husband was doing a travel site for Venice and would be including the Shaker Heights Band on his travel site. I didn't think it would really happen, so I have to say I am happy to have come upon it.

My husband is one of the band directors, so I was a chaperone on the trip. I now have 8 lovely kids that I was fortunate to be able to call mine for a week. I can't tell the parents out there, how much I was so very proud of your children. They are all so talanted and so darn polite. We received compliments where ever we had gone. Even from the hotels, which is unbelievable. The community of Shaker has a real treasure and it was nice to be able to share that Internationally! Thank you for posting.

Venice was great, and I can't wait to visit it again some day.

Kathleen Gerhard

Thank you for sharing this incredible opportunity with us! Two grandsons playing in this lovely area of Venice - one of my favorite cities - was a joy to watch. Congratulations on a fine job, SH band!


Band is FUn. I have much pride for my Band(Shaker Hts Raider Band) I play flute and we all had alot of fun!

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