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Bungee trampolines in the Campo San Polo

The Campo San Polo is one of Venice's larger squares, and it's also among the most family-oriented.

The campo has a mini-carousel for small children and a cluster of bungee trampolines for older kids. The trampolines are tilted up and locked at night, but during the daytime, you can see local children burning off energy with modern exercise equipment in the ancient square.

Addendum: On April 5, workers began disassembling the trampolines and carousel, but we'll leave our video online so you can enjoy the bungee experience vicariously:

Shaker Heights High School Band in Venice

Cheryl was walking with our dog Maggie in San Marco today when she encountered the Shaker Heights High School Band.

Shaker Heights is a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio in the United States, and its band was on a "Shaker Crosses the Alps" tour of Northern Italy and Austria. 

Here are some videos and photos of the students, their entourage, and their audience in Venice:

The Shaker Heights High School Band presented a free outdoor concert in the Campo San Stefano, one of Venice's larger squares. (Venice's music conservatory is just around the corner from where the band performed.)

Trombones are always fun to watch, and the Shaker Heights Raiders have more trombones than some university bands do--as you'll see in this short video, which also shows a glimpse of the saxophone section.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy--and Jill a dull girl--so Cheryl and Maggie were happy to see the pom-pom girls, flag line, or cheerleaders (a.k.a. the girls in the white dresses) break from character and interact with the crowd.

In this longer clip, which we've titled "Percussion and Pom Poms," you can hear the drum section beat out a rhythm for two minutes while pom poms bounce above the mob of musicians and onlookers.

Shaker Heights High School Band whistle
During the concert, an adult member of the band's posse handed this souvenir whistle to Cheryl, while our dog Maggie got to pose for pictures with a couple of friendly band members.

Shaker Heights High School Band uniforms in Venice
Later, Cheryl snapped this photo of the band's uniforms, which had been packed into plastic bags for transport by boat from a canal next to the Campo San Stefano.

For another short video clip and photo, see "Maggie, shake!" (As in "Shaker Heights") in our Maggie in Venice blog.

Need a lift in Venice? Call a mover.

In earlier posts about Venetian daily life, we've shown men with strong backs at work in "Deliveries in Venice: Not a job for the weak" and "Deliveries in Venice: The Sequel."

The video clip below shows another type of delivery. A group of men have brought a large cabinet (about the size of a divan) to a fondamenta next to the Ca' Foscari bridge in Dorsoduro. They've unloaded the cabinet from their boat and have set up a mechanical lift that consists of a metal ladder with a motorized lifting platform. 

In our video, you'll see the cabinet being hauled up the ladder to a window on the top floor of a four-story building, turned, and pulled through the window. The entire lifting and unloading process requires only a little more than two minutes: