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Shaker Heights High School Band in Venice

Need a lift in Venice? Call a mover.

In earlier posts about Venetian daily life, we've shown men with strong backs at work in "Deliveries in Venice: Not a job for the weak" and "Deliveries in Venice: The Sequel."

The video clip below shows another type of delivery. A group of men have brought a large cabinet (about the size of a divan) to a fondamenta next to the Ca' Foscari bridge in Dorsoduro. They've unloaded the cabinet from their boat and have set up a mechanical lift that consists of a metal ladder with a motorized lifting platform. 

In our video, you'll see the cabinet being hauled up the ladder to a window on the top floor of a four-story building, turned, and pulled through the window. The entire lifting and unloading process requires only a little more than two minutes:


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