A stabbing in a Venice shop window
Salt on Venice's bridges

Morning on the Campo San Barnaba

Venice garbage barge at the Campo San Barnaba

ABOVE: This Venetian garbage barge is featured in our "Morning on the Campo San Barnaba" video.

The video clip below is just over six minutes long, but we've left it uncut because it's an interesting slice of life from a typical morning on the Rio San Barnaba, the canal that forms one side of the busy Campo San Barnaba in Venice's sestiere or quarter of Dorsoduro. (If you find it too long, you can bail out after the first minute or so.)

The video begins with a crane on an AMAV garbage barge lifting sanitation workers' handcarts into position above a hatch for emptying.

A few moments later, a beverage-delivery barge double-parks next to the garbage barge, and a delivery man goes back and forth over the garbage barge with his trolley and several beer kegs. (If you look carefully,  you can see a third barge unloading construction materials onto the campo in the background.)

The delivery barge leaves, and another garbage barge squeezes past the first barge in the narrow canal.

The video finishes with the original garbage barge leaving for the Grand Canal as a dog trots across the pedestrian bridge in the foreground. (Note how the boatman ducks his head to avoid a collision with the low bridge.)

For more photos of the workers who collect garbage and sweep Venice's streets every day except Sunday, see our earlier post about Venice's street cleaners.


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