Carnival at the Piazza San Marco, Take 2
Final weekend of Venice Carnival

Carnival in the Campo Santa Margherita

Carnevale di Venezia's big events in the Piazza San Marco get most of the attention, but activities are going on around the city during the 11 days of Carnival. For example, the Campo Santa Magherita in Dosoduro featured a "World of Aliens" theme the other day, with university students and other young people in homemade costumes beating drums, dancing, and interacting with spectators of all ages. Here's a small collection of snapshots with captions:

Venice Carnival - blue aliens in Campo Santa Margherita
The blue aliens arrived first, wearing cotton jumpsuits. Some had masks, others looked human, and several were making noise with remarkably earthlike drums.

Venice Carnival - Green aliens at Campo Santa Margherita
Not long afterwards, the green aliens showed up in uniforms that had a vague resemblance to garbage bags. They were carrying small models of distant planets that Italian earthlings might have called palloni.

Alien in Campo Santa Margherita
It wasn't clear whether the alien at right was saying "Take me to your leader" or "What do you think of my Carnival mask?"

 Venice Carnival aliens
Not all of the aliens were in groups: This freelance interplanetary couple showed up in their own unique costumes, which incorporated such items as electrical conduit and dreadlocks made of plastic tubing.  

Ecolamp mascot at Carnevale di Venezia
A mascot for Ecolamp, an Italian consortium that promotes energy-efficient lighting, was one of the larger green men (or women--it was hard to tell) in the Campo Santa Margherita.

Two-headed alien in Venice
Green was a popular theme with lighting mascots and two-headed aliens alike.

Green costume at Venice Caarnival
Even earthbound humans got into the green look.

Ladybug costume at Venice Carnival
This little girl wasn't wearing green, but we thought she was as cute as a bug.

Venice Carnival - recycled costumes
We liked this couple's costumes, which could have been described as "hand-me-downs" since they were fashioned from recyclable materials.

 Venice Carnival stiltwalkers
Stiltwalkers also made an appearance in the Campo Santa Margherita, using homemade stilts and improvised costumes. 


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