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We've redesigned Venice for Visitors

Venice signs for Piazzale Roma and Ferrovia
ABOVE: We hope our new body text at Venice for Visitors will be as readable as these directional signs in Venice.

Our travel-planning site, Venice for Visitors, has been around since 1997, and its last major redesign was in 2001. Now, after a great deal of hand-editing, we've come up with a new CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)-based typography that's designed for greater readability on high-resolution displays and netbooks. 

The body font is Georgia, with plenty of line spacing--or what used to be called "leading"--to make the text easier on the eyes.

Venice for Visitors attracts nearly 500,000 page views in a typical month, so anything we can do to reduce eyestrain will have an impact on a lot of people!


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