A salute to a civic-minded Venetian
A scene from CSI: Venice?

The most romantic shop in Venice?

Annelie Pizzi e Ricame shop in Venice
ABOVE: Annelie in her namesake shop on the Calle Lunga San Barnaba in Dorsoduro.

09_shops_annalie_cu_sachets_125_dscf8262Okay, maybe we're guilty of hyberbole, but Annelie Pizzi e Ricami really is a romantic shop. It's the kind of place that Martha Stewart would feel at home in (and no, we aren't suggesting that it looks like a prison cell).

09_shops_annalie_little_girls_dresses_125_dscf8264The shop, located in Dorsoduro near the Campo San Barbaba, has a lovely selection of dresses, embroidered nightgowns (both new and vintage), garments for little girls, linens, sachets, bags, and other items at prices that are far lower than you'd expect. Some of the bags and sachets cost only a few euros, or hardly more than you'd pay for a gelato at the organic ice-cream store up the street.

Even Durant, who normally hates shopping, fell in love with Annelie (the store, not the lady, he hastens to add).


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