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Monument to the Partisan Woman

Monument to the Partisan Women
One of the more unusual sculpture installations in Venice is the Monument to the Partisan Woman next to the Giardini vaporetto stop, the Public Gardens, and the Biennale grounds. 

The monument, designed by the legendary Venetian architect Carlo Scarpa, incorporates a reclining statue of a female World War II resistance fighter amid a series of stone steps. The monument is just beyond the seawall on the waterfront. Look for the bronze partisan woman at low tide: When the tide is high, the statue is likely to be partly or fully submerged.

New: 'Maggie in Venice' dog blog

Maggie in black We've just launched our "Maggie in Venice" dog blog, which is subtitled "A Bearded Collie's Adventures in Italy." 

Maggie will arrive in Venice on January 30 for a three-month stay, and we'll be publishing regular updates with photos and videos--including a "Where's Maggie?" segment for Venetophiles who'd like to test their knowledge and memories of Venetian landmarks.

You'll find our Maggie in Venice dog blog at maggieinvenice.com