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- Durant and Cheryl Imboden


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Durant and Cheryl Imboden

The Hotel San Moise most definitely does have an elevator (though perhaps not in the section of the hotel where you had your room).


The very important subject of having a PEE in Venice.
By law in Italy any Bar or restaurant cannot refuse you to use the toilet even if you dont buy anything....BUT dont act as if you own the place.

When in Venice I just go in, look at the people i charge and if they look dodgy I ask for a glass of mineral water(50c) and then ask for the toilet...


Hi, Are there any tours to view part of the MOSE project? We arrive by cruise ship in July and have a couple of days in Venice.

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

I'm not aware of any public tours of the Mose project (but then again, I haven't investigated). You can see the portion above water at the Lido entrance to the Lagoon as you leave or arrive on your cruise ship.

- di


We were in Milan in May and we went to Venice just for 3 days [link snipped]. Actually 3 days were not enough in Venice, we were getting in love with it (and each other for the second time!!). I think words and pictures just can't tell the deep feeling of being there, where streets are "rivers" and everything is romantic, especially in a cloudy day. We'll get back next year, no doubt!


Hi, I urgently need some assistance...my daughter arrived in Venice at he train station from Verona about an hour ago, she is from SA. Her bankcard does not want to work so she is stranded .Is their a bank or place that she can go to for assistance...

Durant Imboden

Your daughter probably forgot to tell her bank of her travel plans, and the bank is blocking transactions because she's out of the country. The only solution I know of is to call the customer-service number on the back of the card. That worked for us when the same thing happened to us a number of years ago.

Gordon Bullard & Company

Hi, Please i need information how to get Mestre Train Station to Venice by Bus. Timetable and Prices

can anyone help?

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Mr. Bullard: From the Venezia Mestre railroad station, it's easiest to simply catch a train. (Trains run almost constantly between Venezia Mestre and Venezia Santa Lucia in central Venice. You can buy a ticket from a machine. The last time I checked, the fare was 1,25 euro, which is even cheaper than the municipal buses.)

Adana Havaalanı Oto Kiralama

Hi, Please i need information how to get Mestre Train Station to Venice by Bus. Timetable and Prices

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Re Mestre train station to Venice by bus: Just take the train. Trains run between Venezia Mestre station and Venezia Santa Lucia Station every few minutes. Buy a ticket from a machine, hop on the next train, and you'll be in Venice within 10 or 12 minutes.

If you insist on taking the bus, you can find timetables on the transit agency's site:


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