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Cheryl Imboden with Venice map

By Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Venice Travel Blog is an archived extension of our travel-planning Web site, Venice for Visitors, which PC Magazine has called "the premier visitors' site for Venice, Italy." We've kept this blog's content online because it's packed with evergreen information and photos about Venice.



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Tony Page

Hi Durant,

Congratulations on your Venice blog. Knowing you are well-connected in La Serenissima, I was wondering whether you'd seen much of Angelina and Brad and the kids while you were swanning about the Grand Canal? Give the new film she's shooting is called "The Tourist" and they're staying for three months, I reckon your specialist knowledge could definitely come in handy - hey, that distinguished white beard could score you a part as an extra!

A presto,


w bippes

Hi, Please i need information how to get Mestre Train Station to Venice by Bus. Timetable and Prices

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

W. Bippes, check the timetables at www.actv.it.

Judi Jackson

I am trying to find and make contact with glass maker andrea frattin can you help PLEASE?

Judi Jackson

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Judi Jackson, we aren't experts on the Murano glass industry, but some of the resources that we link to or discuss in our "Murano: The Glass Island" guide might point you in the right direction. See:


Tamsyn Carter

Durant and Cheryl,

I appreciate the information on your blog and website. We're going to get a Tourist Travel card on your advice but I can't figure out if this will cover our bus or train travel from our hotel in Mestre to Venice?

Tamsyn Carter

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

The Tourist Travel Cards are valid on city buses (i.e., those operated by ACTV) but not on trains or the coach-type buses operated by companies like ATVO. In other words, you can use the Tourist Travel Card to get from Mestre to the Piazzale Roma as long as you're taking an ACTV bus.

Peggy Martin

We will be arriving back in Venice by ship (NCL)at 8:00 a.m. the morning of our flight back to the U.S. which leaves at 11:30. We have only carry-on bags, so should be able to leave the ship with little delay. Using land taxi, do you think we can make Marco Polo airport by 9:30?

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Peggy, there's no easy answer to your question. If the cruise line can't provide you with reassurance, it would be irresponsible for us to hazard a guess.

The airport isn't that far away (about 20 minutes by road), but whether you can reach it in time for an 11:30 a.m. flight depends on your disembarkation group, whether the Italian immigration officials have returned passports of non-EU passengers, and whether a cab is available at the pier. (FWIW, on an MSC cruise that arrived in Venice last fall, the Italian immigration officials didn't even finish their passport stamping until after 9 a.m.)

Asien Kina

Nice blog, I like the videos very much. Keep it up.

Vivienne Fever

Hi from New Zealand.
My husband and I have just had an amazing trip away and it was our first experience of travel outside of the South Pacific so we new very little of what to expect. A huge thanks must go to you both for your fanastic travel advice on Venice this information was invaluable. Right from the start as we arrived into Marco Polo airport we felt like we had been there before. Your directs & photos were so reassuring. Truly had a trip of a life time. Thanks again Kind Regard Viv


I like this particular article it gives me an additional input in the information a round the world. Thanks a lot and keep going with posting such information.
Best Travel

ghazi taan

we r family 3 adults stay in rome ,what is best way to reach venice &enjoy all day in venice &back to rome at night .
can advice plan what to do in venice thank u

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Venice is too far from Rome for a comfortable day trip. It can be done (preferably by train), but you'd be much better off enjoying Rome and saving Venice for another time.

Andrew Hall

I may have asked you this before but I can't remember the answer. I am bringing ten friends to the regata storica on 5th Sept. Do you know what time it starts?

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Here's the latest Regata Storica program info. The races are scheduled to start at 4:00 p.m and will run for a little more than two hours:


Andrew Hall

Thanks Durant. You're so good. It's great to have a direct line to Venice info. And I love to see Cheryl's videos - it keeps us in touch with the city we love in between our yearly trips.

Andrew Hall

So pleased that Google put you at the top of the list when you click on the Venice picture on the seasonal Google home page. You deserve it. Happy Christmas from Andrew

Durant Imboden

Thanks, Andrew. That "Google Holiday Doodle" traffic was a nice surprise. I was a little startled when I looked at our traffic report yesterday and saw a big spike for our "Gondolas and Gondola Rides" page!

Norman Miller

Hi Durant/Cheryl..we enjoy the clips ..boats of all sizes and shapes are second love.. we are enjoying a mild winter here.. not like other places in the US that have been hit hard ..always read the Minneapolis weather report and smile... don't forget to lift your spirits at the Jazz club .. mom/dad


Help please! I'm bringing a party of 8 in Sept. to Venice. We arrive at Marco Polo at 10.25 pm and I guess we won't be out of the airport until at least 11.00pm. I need to get everyone to our hotel on Rio delle Eremite near Zattere. Would a water taxi be the best bet? Shared between 8 shouldn't be too bad should it?

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

A water taxi can easily accommodate eight passengers, as long as they aren't traveling with huge amounts of luggage. And the fare should be reasonable when divided up. (Base fare should be 100-110 euros, with a surcharge for travel in the late evening or at night.)

scott lehmann

I have been following your Travel Blog for a while now and have really enjoyed reading it. I look forward to more and more of your stories and insight. I was in Venice a number of years ago and wrote about a funny thing that happened to us there. I hope you will read it.


Frea Vida


Your blog is really worth to visit. Your articles are really great! I get the chance to know more about Venice! Love it!

 John S. McGee

Hotel S. Moises does NOT have an elevator,& its hundreds of stair-steps are DANGEROUS for disabled people, even those who have 2 strong & capable assistants. Proved by family of 4 in September 2011

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