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Oh wow. Have you ever seen snow there before? crazy!



I've linked to your blog.

If you post any more pictures, I'd be interested. Venice was my late wife's favourite city and she'd have loved them. I do too and wish I was there to add them to my collection.



We are arriving in Venice on Monday, hoping to get away from snow! Oh well, it will be lovely, anyway... ;)

Bettina & Len
London, Ontario, Canada

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Bettina, Weather.com is predicting springlike weather in Venice for most of next week, so I doubt if you'll need your snowshoes or skis. Already today (Thursday), the snow is melting off quickly, and people were eating gelato outdoors and sitting at cafe tables this afternoon. With luck, you won't have to face anything worse than a rain shower during your visit!


Please advice us if weather in Venice already sunny and warm. We fly tommorow and now think over what type of clothes take with us :)
Most important if ground wet or dry because my wife going travel in leather's shoos.

Slav & Oxana

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

As of Sunday night, the streets in Venice are dry (except for the odd tiny puddle here and there) and the temperatures are moderately cool. It's supposed to warm up in the next few days, with no showers in the forecast until next weekend. With luck, it will feel like spring by the time you're ready to go sightseeing!


Wow, this is nice pictures.Venice was my late wife's favourite city and she'd have loved them.

Chev C

Hey. Thank you for eve photos! In Lucca now and was planning to go to venice tomorow, but the son I moving down! Is it worth it to travel out here? I think it would be, but my buddy does not. Thanks for your time and recommendations!

Durant and Cheryl Imboden

Venice is always worth visiting. And if it's any consolation, our "Snow in Venice" video was taken a while back!

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